Project Van-Transformation!

I know, I know, let's just say the Title is a work in progress for now but boy oh boy did we have alot of FUN lately in ONE OF OUR SIDE PROJECTS.

We decided to put a bit of Pizzazz in to our Van a Makeover of sorts if you like but really we were just looking for an excuse to have some FUN!

One of the Perks of being The Boss is that you get to decide wht's next right ? but to be honest it didn't take much persuasion, let The Madness begin.

So Pen to paper of course followed by Notes, notes and you guessed it more notes. Then came the Sketches. Honestly Drawing is Not one of my Fortes so don't worry you won't have to endure My Sketches here, promise, Art they are Not but it's all part of "The Creative Process" right ? well at least that's what I kept telling Myself, moving on before I Totally Embarace Myself any further.

Once we had the Ideas penned and a rough Design somewhat on paper, we set about trying to Figure out what the Finished Design would look like on the Van it

was harder than I thought but it was a Challenge I accepted and one I was looking forward to completing. The remainder of the tasks were quite mundane so I'll skip through those.

The End In Site!

We set about getting a quote for the Graphics and Vynil Writing, Stress was setting in, it was like every quote we got from the getgo was way overpriced, I mean seriously overpriced, it was getting well into the Hundreds and up it was going it was starting to look like we were going to have to put this Side Project on Hold and almost came to it too, a number of times in fact.

Now I've often been told on the Odd Occasion maybe park that idea for a bit and though sometimes that can be the case, something was also telling me to just keep going, that and perhaps a smidgen of stubbornness, well I am Irish after all and we Irish hate giving in, It's like one of our National pastimes.

No, continue I must, sure I'd look a right fool altogether and us Irish hate being called a fool, yep that's right another one of those National Pastime moments, sure we've thousands of them, some more Famous than others but we'll leave that for another time.

Finally, I Got Help!

Ok Smartie Pants, I know what your thinking, Now that I finally Figured Out I'm Bonkers I sought professional help well your wrong, I still havent figured it out.... I did however