Frequently asked questions

Why should I purchase from Pet Tags Direct?

Pet Tags Direct is Your Number 1 Go To for High Quality, Strong, Durable, Deep Engraved Pet I D Tags. We Deliver Direct To Your Door - Saving you Time and Money too. No more Hassle or Time wasting, sitting in Heavy Traffic, find a pet store. Simply Browse our Online Store, Select the Tag you want, Enter the Text for FREE Engraving, Hit Checkout to purchase and we will pop it in the Post - Direct To Your Door.

How Much Do You Charge For Engraving My Pet Tag?

Currently Engraving Is FREE for All Pet I D Tags

Do You Only Sell Pet I D Tags For Dogs?

Absolutely Not. Here at Pet Tags Direct we cater for Dogs, Cats & Horse too - via our Equine Range including, Stall Plate, Halter, Bridle, we also do Kennel & Cattery Tags, Transport Tags for Transporting Your Pet Safely including Cage / Crate Tags. We have Irelands Largest Range of Pet I D Tags with many Styles, Shape, Size, Colour including Classic, Swarovski Diamonte, Animal Print, Paw, Gold & Nickel, Anodized Aluminium, Solid Brass, 925 Silver Plated, Stainless Steel, Graphic, Big Dog, Rivet, Camo and many New styles added all the Time. Did You Know We also Sell Custom Collars Direct too. Here at Pet Tags Direct we have Created Stylish Custom Collars that are Fun, Vibrant, Strong and Suitable for All Breeds, Designed Right Here in Dublin, Ireland by our Fair Hands. We can even do Custom Size on both Collar and Leads too. Did You Also Know We have a really Cool - Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers Range too. Offering everything from Key Rings to Greeting Cards - Unique Jewlery like Cat & Dog Brooches to Custom Fun Signs and Clothing. This is a great way to show others how much your Pet means to you or a Fantastic way to treat a Friend / Family Member or Pet Sitter / Dog Walker for a great job they are doing.

Do You Have A Brick & Mortor Store Or Online Only?

Currently we are an Online Store Only - However you can Find Us at Certain Events throughout the year where we set up a Bespoke Pet Boutique at such Events like, Pet Shows, Home & Garden Style Shows, Craft Fairs and other Specialised Events. This is a Great way to come and have a chat with us, meet the Team and see our Products up close and also another Great way to Grab a Bargin too as we generally Run a Promotion for the Event we are at, so Remember to Sign Up to our Newsletter & Events Guide. The Best way to find out more about Our Events is to Sign Up to our Newsletter & Events Guide, this way you will always be kept in the loop and won't have to miss out on a great Event and a Fantastic Day(s) out, the whole Family can enjoy including your Pooch as many of these Events are carefully planned / organised that even your Pooch can join in the Fun.

What Size Tag Should I Get For My Pet?

While there is No Rule on Sizing, we Always feel it's Best Practice to take The Practical Approach when it comes to Purchasing a Pet I D Tag, keeping it Simple so that it can be Easily Read and a Size that's most Suitable to your Pet - after all they are the ones that will be wearing it. Having said that, The Practical Approach Doesn't Mean - Boring. Here at Pet Tags Direct we have Irelands Largest Range of Pet I D Tags for all Pets and we are constantly adding New Designs and Styles all the time and we Ship World Wide too. For more Information on Sizing, Visit Our Size Guide on this site for some Handy, Helpful Hints & Tips on How To Choose A Pet I D Tag that's Right For You and For Your Pet.

Do You Offer A Refund / Returns Policy?

Here at Pet Tags Direct we strive to give all our Customers the very Best in Customer Care Service. Pet I D Tags are Unique and very Personal to you and your Pet. It is Vital that when placing an Order that you Enter the Correct Information for Engraving as to the Way you Exactly want it to Appear on your Pets Tag. Once it Goes to Engraving We Cannot Correct Any Spelling Mistakes Or Incorrect Numbers etc. If your Tag is Not Correct or you are unhappy we will replace it or offer a refund this depends on the circumstances. If you are returning your products this Must be done within 14 Days and proof of purchase is required. For Collars & Leads For Custom Collars and Leads as with our Tags Policy we want all our Customers to be Happy with their purchase, when placing an order for Collars & Leads including Custom Sizes, Please be sure you are Ordering the Correct Size for your Pet, carefully Measure your Pets Neck, Preferably with a seamstress measuring tape making sure to allow for a comfortable fit, not too tight, not too loose but just right, never up high, never too low but where a Collar should sit on your Pets Neck, Remember all Dogs Vary in Size & Shape, some are only Suitable to Martingale Collars such as Sighthounds whereas others may suit a broader range in our Collars & Leads Collection. For All Other Products Including Tags, Collars and Leads Please See Full Descriptions For Individual Listings.

What Are Your Shipping Rates?

We offer Shipping at very competitive Rates however this is something that is very much out of our control as the Shipping Methods / Postal Companies we use have the right to change their prices but this is something that we do monitor on a regular basis. We use An Post Standard Post for all our Deliveries unless Registered Post has been selected Please Note An Post Standard Post Does Not Offer Tracking or a Specific Delivery Date but we would allow 1-4 Days for Standard Post as a Guide Only. We deliver World Wide so please select your country at checkout for delivery and also Note that some countries may have customs tax / duty to be paid at other end depending on where you are sending your purchase too. Please Note we make every effort to deliver your product to you in a timely manner problems can occur from time to time that will be out of our control such as postal strikes, bad weather, Transport Strikes, etc.

Do You Have A Privacy Policy?

Yes, Please See Our Privacy Policy For More Details. Here at Pet Tags Direct we Value your Privacy.

Do You Operate A Cookie Policy?

Yes, Please See Our Cookie Policy For More Details.

Can I Order A Pet I D Tag & Collar / Lead At Same Time Or Does It Have To Be Seperate Order?

Here at Pet Tags Direct we've made it Super Simple for you to order what you want, when you want from our site. For Pet I D Tags all our Tags are Deep Engraved - In House meaning as soon as you order we will Engrave it the very same day and post it directly to your Door. For Collars & Leads All our Custom Collars & Leads are Handmade - In House and are made with Love & Care by our own Fair Hands, right here in Dublin, Ireland. For Regular Standard Sizes our Turn Around Time is Pretty Quick - Normally just a few days, once your Order is completed at Checkout your details and Collar / Lead Design is started straight away, For Custom Size - Please Allow up to 14 Days but it's generally much quicker than this for completeion however we keep you informed of your purchase and order every step of the way.

Does Your Site Operate A Secure SSL, So I can Purchase With Confidence?

Yes It Does, Here at Pet Tags Direct we take Security very Seriously and only use Solid, Safe Payment Methods for all Transactions which are listed on our site and at Checkout.

Does My Pet Have To Wear A Pet Tag ?

The Short Answer Is Yes. Most or nearly all Countries by law require your pet to wear some form of Identification alongside Microchipping failure to do so can result in a fine, for example in Ireland the Following Applies - Dog Identification Dogs must at all times wear a Collar that bears the name and the address of the owner inscribed on it or on a plate, badge or disc. Failure to have identification on a dog can result in an on-the-spot fine issued by a dog warden. Failure to pay this fine within a specific period can result in prosecution by the local authority.

Do You Have A Store Policy ?

Yes, Please see our Privacy Policy which includes our store policy.

What Is PSD2 ? & Why Am I seeing it ?

The PSD2 is the European Commission's framework for electronic payments within the EU. The directive includes new requirements for payment services in order to make electronic payments more secure than ever.

How does the PSD2 affect my business?

The new requirements may affect any online entity processing payments where both the seller and the buyer's bank are located in the European Economic Area (EEA). According to the new directive, online transactions must go through your customer's bank in order to fight fraud.

This means that customers might need to go through a quick verification process before they can complete their payment.

Customers should be aware of this extra step. Since the PSD2 applies to all payment services, Customers will become familiar with the verification process over time and feel more secure.

How does it look like to our customers?

The authentication process varies from one bank to another, and might involve different requirements depending on the specific bank. It is up to each bank to decide whether extra authentication is needed and what method to use.

Generally, our customers should see an authentication page (created by their bank) after filling in their payment details. They must go through the process in order to complete the payment.

Why Is This A Feature On Your Store ?

This Is Automatically done to ensure our Store / Operating Systems / Customers are in compliance.

What should I do if I am experiencing issues?

Customers are Advised to contact their bank directly. The new Strong Customer Authentication process is solely managed by the banks processing the transactions, which means they should be able to resolve any issue you might have.

If you need more information on how SCA is implemented in your country, we recommend checking with your local regulator. Given the complexity of the new requirements, and according to the opinion of the European Banking Authority (EBA), some EEA countries are allowed more time to implement Strong Customer Authentication.

What Is S C A ?

S C A ? = Strong Customer Authentication Please See Full Details on our F A Q Section On, What Is PSD2 ? & Why Am I Seeing It ?