Hand Stamped Nickel Plated Circle By PET TAGS DIRECT.ie Dublin Ireland


Ultra Chic Artisan Hand Stamped Pet I D Tags

Strong, Iconic Designs, Beautifully Crafted, Quirky.

Available in Small & Large Size

Finished For A Longer Lasting Tag


Artisan Hand Stamped Pet I D Tags, Hand Stamped Dog Tags, Hand Stamped Cat Tags, Hand Stamped Horse Tags



As Pet Owners we Value, Love and Care about our 4 Legged Furry Friends but sometimes we can forget about the Basics such as an Up To Date Pet Tag and more Importantly can it be read.


Pet Tags are an Integral part of your Pets Safety just as much as Microchipping is and will play a Vital role in Helping both Owner & Pet be Reunited should the Unthinkable happen.



    When adding  stamping information, we recommend keeping it simple and clear for best results. It's always best to keep characters short but will also depend on size of blank used and symbol selected  (up to 2 lines in total on front side - for best results 2 works better - the more in formation you have the smaller the text will be) See example below.


    We may offer ready - made Tags for you to add your lettering to also.


    Front: I'm Neutered or I'm Chipped

    Phone Number Here


    Please Note For Hand Stamped Bespoke Pet I D Tags Keep Information Simple & Clear as there will already be a Design  On The Tag 


    Please make sure you enter the correct information for your pet as we can't correct any mistakes once it goes to Stamping.



    Engraving V Hand Stamped

    We Engrave using the Latest State Of The Art Engraving Machines also known as Deep Engraving using a type of machine that carves out the information such as Letters, Numbers, Symbols, Clip Art, on the tag.


    When we Hand Stamp Letters, Numbers, Symbols and Designs we are using similar methods used in Jewelery making and Artisan Craft Jewelery and all done by Hand - Please Note Hand-Stamped Letters, Numbers, Design Icons are all Generally 3mm or 6mm and are not the same as Engraving.